Sunday, 29 November 2015

Christmas Gifts for the Cat 2015

My darling little companion, MellyBoy gets pretty spoilt at Christmas.  He gets lots of great toys and treats, not only from me but from friends and family too - lucky boy!

I have pulled together a list of some of the best cat gifts available.  From pennies to many, many pounds, I am sure there will be something here for the fur baby in your life - enjoy!

Treat Ball

This is one of MellyBoys favourite toys - mainly because it involves food and he is beyond greedy!  You basically pop a few little treats inside it and the cat has to bat the ball around so that the treats fall out of the hole.  It's a nice little toy to leave with your cat if you are out for the day and they get a little bit of exercise and a lot of excitement.

Cat Scratch Laptop

This is hilarious!  It plays on the fact that so many of our feline friends climb on to a laptop when we are trying to work.  Now, pusscat can have a laptop of their very own, plus a handy scratch pad to deter said cat from scratching your furniture!

Jolly Moggy Cat Pod

I think this is a great gift for a cat.  It combines somewhere to snuggle up and hide, somewhere to scratch and a fun toy too!
Dog Shaped Scratch Post

This is by far the most expensive thing on my MellyBoys this year.  £695 for a giant dog for the cat to scratch anyone?  Wow!  I do love my cat, honest I do, but I could buy a seriously nice handbag with that kind of money!  Sorry MellyBoy - you'll have to dream on mate!

Do it Yourself

Are you a bit crafty?  Maybe you could make something yourself for your moggy friends.  Check out this blog post for some ideas

Yeowww! Cat Toys

I don't know what it is about this brand but the cat nip must be super strong as these toys send MellyBoy, and every other cat I know, completely barmy!  They are quite pricey but, in my opinion worth every penny as the (rather gross) smell lasts for ages and they are pretty tough which is handy because the way MellyBoy batters his, it needs to be!


OK so I know it is a dog in the picture but how about a little sofa for your pampered puss?  I don't know about you but MellyBoy only really likes to lay where he shouldn't so I am not sure he'd go for this but I love the idea of it!

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