Friday, 26 February 2016

Mothers Day for Cat Lovers and Cat Mums

I have been busy searching for a Mothers Day present for my mum and wanted to share some of these great finds with you all;
This is a great card to buy your Mum if she is a cat lover! Available from Veronica Dearly via Not on the High Street

I am so getting this one for my Mum.  From Do You Punctuate?  Via Not on the High Street

Such a cute card if you are buying a card from the cat and it can be personalised.  From Claire Sowden Design via Not on the High Street

I love this simple cat necklace and would be very happy if MellyBoy wanted to spend his pocket/Dreamies money on this for me!  Ernest Hemingway Cat Lover Necklace from Literary Emporium via Not on the High Street

Cats Protection gift shop has some great gifts – lots of cat stuff and some none-cat stuff but it is all really fab!  I love this make-up and wash bag set.

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