Friday, 22 January 2016

The Success of Mr Chips & Living with FIV

Meet Mr Chips!  He came into rescue as he was living rough in a back garden for over two years.  It took nearly 6 months to catch him as he was so nervous!  During that time Cats Protection supported the family feeding him, by giving them food to keep him going.

Once we had caught him, we took him to the vets where a blood test found him FIV positive along with a mouthful of bad teeth and coat full of knots—bless him.   
It was a blow for him to be diagnosed with FIV but that did not mean we could not help him back to health and find him a home.

So the dear boy was neutered (more complicated as his testicals had not descended), full dental make-over and a de-matting (as he was really badly matted, he did recieve quite a harsh haircut!)   All the medical treatment  went very well and we hoped someone might offer him a home and after not too long, he caught the attention of a very nice lady and he has now moved into his wonderful new forever home.

Since moving into his new home, he has come on in leaps and bounds.  He now enjoys cuddles, sitting on laps and strokes and even likes to lick his new owner!

We are so happy that this lovely fella has found a new forever home.  All too often, cats with FIV are overlooked and perhaps it is because people are unsure and afraid of the unknown.  

While there is no cure for FIV, when symptoms arise, they can usually be treated with drugs.
FIV cats cannot mix with cats who do not have the virus so they usually have to be only cats living indoors.  Partly this is to stop the spread but also to protect the FIV kitty from secondary infections
That said, FIV positive cats can live long, happy and healthy lives and we are sure the wonderful Mr Chips will too!  You can find out more about FIV here

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