Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Moggy Mythology

I have just read a really interesting article in The Cat Magazine which is all about the Mythology of Moggys.  There are so many superstitions and fables in different countries around the world, I thought I would share some with you.

Holland - The fable goes that you should make sure your cat is not in the room if you are having a private conversation because the cat would spread your secrets throughout the town.  Mind you, MellyBoy has been privvy to many private conversations and has never given away my secrets - as far as I know!

Norway - The Norwegian Forest Cat was often called "the fairy cat" because it was said that if you looked deep into it's eyes, you would see visions of the fairy world.

Scotland - Folklore used to say that if a stray tortoiseshell cat chose to stay with you, you would be sure to have good luck.  I know a few of our tortoiseshell adopters would agree with this one!

China - One Chinese belief is that the older and uglier a cat is, the luckier it is!  I love this one!

Abyssinia - Girls who had a cat in the home were considered wealthy and so found themselves much sought after by suitors.  This one particularly interested me as so often, woman joke about being left on the shelf and living as a spinster with a cat, which really irritates me, so I will start sharing this little nugget next time I hear a comment like that!

Olde Worlde Britain - In rural areas, it was thought that kittens born at the end of blackberry season would be particularly mischievous.  The reasoning was the belief that Satan was thrown out of heaven at this time of year and landed in the brambles!  MellyBoy was a rescue cat so I don't know his date of birth but I would bet good money that he is a blackberry kitten!

Russia - In Russian mythology, the cat was seen as a house guardian, protecting the home and bringing good luck into it.  I think this is very true!

So you see, there are many fables that relate to our feline friends and I am sure there are many many more out there, I would love to hear if you know of any others!

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