Friday, 12 June 2015

A good name more desirable than riches

I was talking with one of our supporters the other day about cat names and how hard it can be to choose the perfect name for your pet.  I just love thinking of names and I have always been the pet-namer in my family....

When I was about 5, I had a rabbit who I very proudly named Kevin.  My next pet was a lovely grey tabby tom cat, who I chose to name Peter (yes I know, really the rabbit should have been named Peter right?).

Peter and I in 1989

Next, sometime in the 80's, we found a stray in the garden which we ended up taking in (he was a handsome brown tabby cat with no tail and 3 legs).  I called him ET because my Mum kept telling him to “go home”.

ET & I in 1990

Later on, my parents got a gorgeous Springer Spaniel puppy and I said we should name her Rapunzel, because her long curly ears were like hair.  That was the first time my dad said no…he didn’t fancy calling “Rapunzel” when he took her for a walk, so we settled on Penny.  Girly enough for me, and not too girly for my dad – everyone was happy.

Since then, as an adult, I have had lots of cats, Thunder (remember the 80's TV show Thunder Cats?), Bailey (Baileys was my favourite drink), Chandler (after my favourite Friends character).

Now, I have the darling Melly, who was already named when I adopted him from Cats Protection.  The names suits him well, but sometimes I call him Melvin or, Melv, which I think suits him even better!

We ran a competition on our Facebook page a while back, to name a very cute black and white kitten.  We had lots of submissions including Jasper, Leeloo, Minah and Cherie but the winning name was Molly!

With so many options, how do you choose your cats name?  I found lots of websites listing great names for cats.  This one has the Top 100 names -
It would be great to hear from you with stories of how your pets came by their names

Thunder Cat and I in 1994

Beautiful Bailey

Cheeky Chandler

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