Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Valentines Day - Kitty Style

The love of my life is my cat - yes it is true so don't snigger!  This time of year, when I am thinking about Valentines Day, MellyBoy is in my thoughts.

So with that in mind, I have hunted down some fabulous cat-related Valentines Day cards - I hope you like them!

So in Number one spot, and my favourite is this gorgeous card by katndrewcards, available from Etsy - View on Etsy

This one comes in as a close second, again from Etsy and made by PrintsofHeart -View on Etsy
How about this one, for your better half, from the cat? (Inside reads "Blah Blah Blah Feed Me") - View on Zazzle

Or, if you are a romantic, how about this from one of my favourite sites - Doodle Cats.  I love the fact there is a singular or multiple cat option - brilliant! - View on DoodleCats

Good old Moonpig has a a fab one too and who doesn't love a personalised card? - View on Moonpig

I had to include this one... if you are not the cat crazy person in your relationship (you probably wouldn't be reading this blog!!) how about this one from Not on The High Street - View on Not on the High Street

Lastly, what do you do if you want to buy a card to send from the cat to someone?  Well Not on the High Street have a solution!  View on Not on the High Street

I literally could go on for hours but my Cats Protection duties are calling so from me and my "furry life partner", MellyBoy, and I, we wish you a very Happy Valentines Day xoxoxoxo

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