Friday, 26 September 2014

Cats are GREAT pets - here's why....

Many people I know, do not understand my obsession with all things feline and the other day, someone actually asked me - what is so great about having a cat?  Well I was completely shocked I can tell you so I have pulled together some reasons why cats make great pets....

They are Self-Cleaning – Cats are very clean animals which do not need regular bathing.  If they go out and get all muddy (which is unlikely) they will deal with it themselves.  However, long haired cats do need daily grooming and even short haired cats enjoy being groomed – it’s a lovely bonding experience.

They are True Family Pets – Quite often people say that cats are aloof and unfriendly but that is not true!  Cats can be very happy in families with other cats, dogs and children.  Some cats respond really well to training too.... but not my cat Melly.  Check out this video...

Unlike many pets, they are Not High Maintenance – Most cats are very low maintenance… they can be left for a few hours a day and they don’t need walking BUT that is not to say you don’t need to devote time to your fur baby.  They need fuss and attention (mostly on their terms) and, if they are an indoor cat, they do like a very, very clean litter box!  

They are Calming – The sound of a purring cat is literally second to none when it comes to relaxing me.  A pussycat, purring on my lap can send me to sleep in a matter of minutes!  Also, a recent study by University of Minnesota say that owning a cat can reduce your risk of a heart attack by nearly a third!

They are Playful – Cats are super playful, from kittens to the geriatrics of the cat world….cats just love to play.  Cats will amuse themselves for a long time with random objects such as string, balls, laser pointers or pretty much anything and watching a cat play can be very entertaining.  Getting involved and playing with a cat can be very fun and relaxing for you, as well as stimulating for the cat and is a brilliant way for you to bond. 

So all of you feline fans, what have I missed?


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