Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The 3 P's

We were recently called to rescue 3 kittens who were found at the Eversley Haulage site on a lorry.  In fact they were not in the cab of the lorry but on what's know as a "roll on, roll off" part of the truck that connects the cabin to the actual truck bit (not very technical description, I know).

We were told that 3 kittens had been spotted, but the driver could only find 2, and the mum was nowhere to be seen.  One of the kittens, (we named Penny), was hissing and spitting and not very happy at all, the other kitten, (we named Tuppence) was very quiet and, unsurprisingly, very scared.

Still no sign of kitten number 3, or mum but then, the next day, we get a call to say that a 3rd kitten had been found.  She had somehow managed to hide on the truck, and had been on a trip along the M25 - it is a miracle that she survived.

So we brought her in, and called her Thrupence (of course!).

The 3 P's, were obviously very scared and upset due to the ordeal they had been through but they have now settled and are happy, purry little fluff balls.

All 3 of the kittens have been reserved and are currently in foster care until they are old enought to be moved on to their furever homes.

These kinds of stories never fail to shock or distress us.... we just wish people would contact us, or another rescue if they can't cope with kittens.... we are here to help!

Just before I sign off, from my very first blog, I would just like to mention a current appeal....we are looking for volunteer cat fosterers, who could take car of a cat awaiting a forever home.  All you need is a spare room that the cat could live in and we will give you all the training, advice and support you need.  Contact us via our Facebook page for more information

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